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You have found the wholesale source of Aqua parks, inflatable catamaran boats, kayaks, paddle boards and other's accessories from ASIA International. Products 1 - 20 of 10000. You can check out Our Inflatable Collections Available In Red, Yellow And Blue Colors.

Your guys may be interesting in these water guys, balls, boats and pool inflatables.

Dive Flag & Inflatable Float Buoys

Inflatable Boats | Kayaks

Pool Floats and Loungers

Pool Obstacle Courses | Floating Basketball Hoops | Water Polo Goal | Water Volleyball Court

Water Rollers | Bumper Boats | Handle Paddle Boat

And if your customers have the club business to open, you can try these water sports, water ski devices, ...

SUP Paddle Boards | SUP Paddle Board Obstacles

Dragon Boats

Banana boats | Flying Fish Boats | Manta Ray Boats | Towable Disco Boats

Please pay attention to the yacht industry.

Freefall Yacht Slides | Docking Stations | Ocean Pools

Please pay more attention to the Inflatable MATTRESS industry. These Products are made by the material of Drop Stitch Double Wall Fabric.

Gym Air Track Mattress | Inflatable Yoga Mats | Jet Ski Docks | Y Pontoon | Airport Bimini Top | Runway &  Platform

Ok. If there is a piece of land, a large lake or a big bay and you can catch it up. These ideas may be useful for you.

ABC YID 6 Modular Playsets | Jungle JOES 4 Modular Playsets

Superme Floating Slide Parks | Jumping Tower Trampoline Park | Freefall Slide Boarding Platform

Anyway if you are seeking for the best items to do opening business, or make your corporate & special event fun for everybody. You can look here!

Type of Business

● Beach

● Bay Water Sports

Hotel Resort

Lake Parks

Water Parks

● Commercial Pools

● Aqua Parks

● Super Yacht Fun

● SUP Paddle Boards

● Kayaks

● Docks

● Towable boats & water ski tubes

Perhaps you’ve seen cartoons or old black and white videos of people patching up old inner tubes and using them to float down the river. If you thought that looked like fun, then you will love giant lake inflatables. Ranging from individual float chairs to inflatable islands – really, not kidding – these colorful devices can make your afternoon at the lake even more fun than ever before.

What are the types of individual giant lake inflatables?

What are the types of giant lake inflatables for groups?

How to ensure safety when using giant lake inflatables?

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