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What is Blob Jump?

Blobbing is an outdoor water activity in which a participant sits on the end of a partly inflated air bag (known as a water trampoline or blob) and is launched into the water when another participant jumps onto the air bag from a platform on the opposite side. The activity is popular at summer camps in North America.

Launch into Fun with the Water Blob

The Water Blob is a giant water inflatable created to give the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. It is typically set up at summer camps, lakes, or shorelines. The person being launched (the "flyer") sits at the front end of the Blob. The person launching them (the "jumper") cannonballs from a high platform onto The Blob. The flyer is launched into the water for an amazing high-flying dive! The jumper then moves forward to become the next flyer.

Blob Drop

Leap from the Blob Drop and send your friends flying into the air! A custom-designed tower and blob combo, with one T-section to configure allowing it to be configured with other obstacles from our Water Park modules using our unique connecting sleeve system. The Blob Drop is an excellent end-piece as part of your water park, as well as an irresistibly fun standalone product

Want to jump into the air and fly into the water like Sailfish?

Blob Jump is your ideal choice.

This Blob Jump also called water pillow, water launch blob, water flipper, water blast blob, water blast bag, etc. It's one of the most popular inflatable water games products in summer.

It also can be used together with other water games like water trampoline and water slides. Perfect a water park amusement activity.

These products are made by commercial grade and durable 0.9mm thickness 1000D PVC tarpaulin through the technique of heat air welding machine. High Durability, UV-Resistance, Fire Resistant, and Waterproof.

Inflatable Water Blob Jump is one of the exciting elements in the water park. It need a high place for jumping .Then Teamwork is important for this game. People Jump on one side of the water blob and launch the other person through the air and into the water. Enjoy the excitement of flying. However, this game needs high quality accessories, especially the D-ring and ropes. It need to connect with the other high element .Our factory care much attention the detail of it .The D-ring is antirust even though in the salt water.


Launch your friends into water front fun with our full-sized blobs. Great for a camp or resort, with customizable colors and high-quality, 2-ply construction.


This smaller, easy-to-use Blob is great for family vacations, yacht trips, or lakeside fun, and provides the perfect bounce for your weekend getaway.


You'll have more fun, be safe, and your Water Blob will last longer. Very little care is required for the Water Blob. You may clean your product using soap and water or mild detergent.

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