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Modular Pontoon, Modular Pontoon Dock Float, Floating Dock Blocks

Looking for a floating pontoon platform that's easy to assemble and keeps installation costs to a minimum?  That’s exactly what’s available at Floating Pontoon Solutions.

Our modular floating pontoon system is safe in its approach to the environment as well as to users. It is highly stable, and manufactured from non-pollutant materials. With low installation costs and minimum upkeep levels, the solution can form the basis of excellent value permanent or temporary structures.

The product is manufactured from 100% recyclable material. It is also rot-proof and resistant to acids, bases and hydrocarbons.

Single Float

Double Float

Float Size & Buoyancy

The standard connecting pin is used for joining modules within the pontoon or dock area.

This blow-moulded pin has a robust thread and unique service and/or security feature. Using a ‘T’-bar tool, pins are screwed in to nuts which are fixed to the corner tabs of each float and tightly fix modules together.

When fixed in position the top surface of the pin becomes part of the pontoon deck and is textured with a checker plate pattern to give increased grip.

175kg/m² with one layer

350kg/m² with two layers

The Benefits of Modular Pontoon Components

1. Safety:with patterns on the top surface, Modular Float System is free from the dangers caused by slippery surfaces, splinters and rusty nails usually found on wooden walkways.Also it has no sharp comers and is stable enough to walk on.

2. High Compression: Average compression load is over 1000kg per square meter.

3. Economy:free maintenance and low upkeep.

4.Convenience /Simplicity of construction: can be easily quickly installed and dismantled.

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