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Inflatable Pontoon Dock Inflatable Floating Platform Deck
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It is not easy to find a suitable place for a hotel resort in Philippines. If you want to own an island or a floating water park, just pick up your phone and call us immediately.

We have found a way to invite more guests by offering them extra ways to relax on the water. We do this cost-effectively with INFLATABLE ISLAND, which are temporary inflatable floating retreats that require no permits and are set up quickly.

Inflatable Island Business Plan, Edoardo Wake Park & Aqua Park

This inflatable floating water park, pool courses & water adventure, including the water trampoline, iceberg jump tower and freefall water slide. It can bring players a different experience and will take you into a cool and exciting water adventure to experience wake boarding or bounce the kids away for an hour.


According to your location and budget, Asia Inflatables will customize the layout of the inflatable floating water park for you.

Get your inflatable floating water park at a competitive and reasonable price. Even in the same area of water, different designs can create completely different aqua parks. We have been working hard to give you more choices based on your different budgets. Contact us, whether it is a commercial pool, lakeside or beach, let us know your valuable needs.

In addition to the various layout designs of the floating aqua park, the manufacturing process is also an important point. ASIA Inflatables uses high-quality PVC Tarpaulin materials. In terms of accessories, D-rings, handles, air valves, etc. all cooperate with high-quality suppliers to improve the overall quality standards at the source of materials. The heat welding seam is reinforced. This makes all parts of the park more beautiful and durable.

We will continue to manufacture and supply more high quality water park solutions for customers.

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