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Inflatable Yacht Dock, Floating Platform, Docking Stations solutions for yacht. We designs & manufactures superyacht Inflatable Toys. Focusing on innovation, quality & service. We offer custom designed & In-stock Freefall Super Yacht Water Toys such as Freefall Yacht Slides, inflatable sea pools, Landing Pads and bana tents, etc.

Docking Stations. Freefall Yacht Slide Docking Station Inflatable Yacht Dock create attention everywhere they are seen on the water. The quick step access and non-slip surface makes it easy for people of all ages to get on board and move around. This Docking Station operate in as little as 36 of water and provide amazing shade even in the bright sun.

Inflatable Yacht Docks

Manufactured with 20cm height drop stitch fabric, these inflatable yacht docks provide a rigid ground perfect for a floating base at a favourite swim spot, a temporary dock for a stylish beach landing or simply as a fashionable extension to your yacht so everyone has room to sunbathe and enjoy the water.

Engineering, Design and Innovation
The inflatable yacht docks is the tough, stable,light weight and soft underfoot. It inflates within minutes and work beautifully as stand-alone yacht docks or joined together in limitless configurations with our connection system. The surface of the inflatable dock product is covered with soft and yacht deck looking EVA foam, comfortable and anti-slip. Also the edge of the EVA is double stitched to the body of the inflatable dock product, so it will not rip off. On the bottom of the idock Pro, there are 4 built-in water bags function as anchors when they fill in water. This design will reduce drifting and increase stability.

The inflatable dock product series was designed and made with the latest technology material, thanks to that, with the same life-time and performance, our product is 30-35% lighter than other similar products on the market.

The connection system provides extendable inflatable yacht docks solutions. It enables the user to connect different sizes of idock Pro series products together in limitless combinations. The carbon fiber connect pole can also help secure idock Pro to another surface such as shore, a boat/yacht, or wooden dock etc.

Warning:Do not board the products untill the desired products are securely and properly connected together.


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