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SUP Obstacle Courses – one way to enjoy some fun winter SUP time with your mates or family

Did you know Manila have a number of inflatable obstacles that are currently being put to good use via the SUP 32 winter stand up paddle board club at one of our local lakes. We’ve been saying for a while that just because winter’s inbound doesn’t mean your SUP fun has to stop. Far from it! In this instance we’re putting our money where our mouths are and getting as many local stand up paddlers involved in some floating fun as possible.

Setting some SUP goals for the New Year

1. Get out there early and try snow sup

2. Perfect your warm-up sup exercises by following our tried and true sequences.

3. Work on bracing and balance by finding a deep and fun wave train on your local river.

4. Give multi-day paddleboarding a shot. it takes some experience to get here, but it's soooo worth it.

5. Learning how to catch a wave on a sup takes patience, but it's worth it.

6. Paddle boarding with kids will test your balance, but it is a great way to enjoy time outdoors together.

7. Forget what you think you know about sup yoga and give it a go!

8. Low water whitewater paddleboarding will put even the most technical supers to the test.

9. Keep up the stoke and go fall paddling.

10. Try to squeeze in two sports in one day. it may seem hectic, but it's totally possible, and will totally give you bragging rights.

SUP obstacles make for a fun and challenging environment for standup paddlers to improve skill, balance and endurance. Moreover, the big variety of obstacles, makes it easy to adjust and create any SUP park! You can of course specifically design one for SUP race practice, personal training or recreational use. We also welcome OEM/ODM.

Stand up paddle board challenges

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