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  • Chariot Warbird
    Chariot Warbird 4 Riders Towable Boat
    Grab some friends and lean into some extreme fun! The new Chariot Warbird  4 is a fully covered winged deck tube that accommodates up to 4 riders. The front upswept wing tips allow riders to lean away from turns, easily glide across wakes, and prevent excess spray from swamping the deck. The Chariot Warbird  4 is constructed with a slight tapered design to enhance performance and features a wide swallow tail to increase stability.
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  • Chariot Warbird
    Chariot Warbird 3 Riders Towable Boat
    Chariot Warbird Towable Boat, 3 Riders Boating Tube is a great design for the entire family! Pulled from the front, this towable features a fully surrounding cockpit shape and low center of gravity for younger riders that want a secure ride. Towed from the rear, riders are seated in a kneeling position gliding over wakes with ease. Pull in either direction - you know you can keep the entire family happy with the Chariot Warbird.
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