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It is so easy to find a suitable place for a hotel resort in Philippines. If you want to own an island or a floating water park, just pick up your phone and call us immediately.

We have found a way to invite more guests by offering them extra ways to relax on the water. We do this cost-effectively with INFLATABLE ISLAND, which are temporary inflatable floating retreats that require no permits and are set up quickly.

INFLATABLE ISLAND is a new water sports project from all over the wolrd. People like this kind of water sports, and enjoy this kinds of water sports. Especially in the summer of a weekend. The Floating Water Playground can be placed in large swimming pools, near coast and ocean, etc. For people above 250 players, such as teens, adults and children more than 7 years old. But the kids should play with adults’ companion.


Book with us and SAVE UP TO 50% OFF on your Inflatable Island Day passes. Inflatable Island is a Day Tour resort, but we have hotel partners all around Marilla, Cebu,Subic Bay.

BOOK BY MESSAGING US HERE ON THE WEBSITE, OR ON FACEBOOK or through the following contact details:

Globe: 0086 020 34704480

Mobile & Whatsapp: 86-15018793921


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