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Drop Stitch Kayak

For the last few years, drop-stitch kayaks have become more and more common on the market and are increasingly establishing themselves in the field of inflatable kayaks. There are different designs of drop-stitch kayaks. There are models where only the floor, only the side chambers or for the complete boat is made of drop-stitch material. By using this technology, the air kayak is much stiffer and the driving characteristics are said to improve, according to the manufacturer. In this article we would like to discuss, among other things, the advantages and disadvantages, the different construction methods and a few selected drop-stitch kayaks.

Inflatable kayaks with drop-stitch floor

In these drop stitch kayaks, the floor consists of a drop stitch chamber and the sidewalls of traditional air chambers. The flat drop-stitch floor and the wide side tubes make the kayaks particularly stable against capsizing. There are kayaks with removable and fixed drop-stitch floor. We want to present in the following some concrete kayaks with drop-stitch floor.

Full drop-stitch kayaks

Inflatable kayaks with a full drop stitch construction have both the floor and the side chambers made of drop stitch material. They are also called full drop stitch or high pressure kayaks. They are significantly less stable than inflatable kayaks with I-Beam or drop-stitch floor only, due to the thin sidewalls.

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