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Inflatable Water Barriers

Inflatable Water Barriers are ideal for Water Sport Races by creating a barrier to either entry or exit points of the race, as well as guide channels during the swim event.

Our water barriers come in cylindrical and triangular designs with a variety of diameters. Our Inflatable Barriers can be made to any size and can be fully branded and we have no minimum order quantity so we can supply any quantity required.

Floating Barriers

Floating barriers, also referred to as boom, are devices placed in the water to control and contain floating debris, invasive aquatic plants, trash, silt, sediment, and turbidity. A floating barrier can be installed either temporarily or permanently. Since 2007, Asia Inflatables has manufactured floating barriers and turbidity curtains. Fill out our questionnaire and tell us about your project.

Single Point Inflatable Barriers are barriers produced in 30-meter lengths, consisting of interconnected air cells. These barriers, each of which can be inflated with a single point air inflation unit (blower), are produced from high quality PVC Fabric and Neoprene materials. Every 30 meters, the lengths are added to each other with nitrile rubber bellows resistant air passage systems, and the air passage is transferred to the next point. The fact that the barrier is inflatable from a single point accelerates the laying of the barrier and provides convenience.

Portable water barrier

Inflatable divider barrier

Inflatable flood barrier

Inflatable Barrier Walls

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