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Inflatable Iceberg Climbing Wall

The Inflatable Iceberg Climbing Wall is a climbing wall and a water slide in one! These water climbing rockers provides enormous fun as kids and adults climb to the top and slide 14' or even 16' down into the water! Chill out on top or play all day long, great for groups or fun with a friend. Recommended for ages 14+.

Cool the summer, the inflatable water sports!

You climb and then slide down from the top into the water. Or a more exciting way, Jumping down directly!

Can be placed in beach park, swimming park, hotels and other playing center.

Estimated delivery time: 25 days.

Gigantic Inflatable Climbing Iceberg

Has 2 sides climbing wall +2 sides slides or 3 sides climbing wall+ 1 side slide at your options.

Kids love to climb to the top and get a big cool thrill sliding back down into the water.

It is very exciting and funny.

Can be placed in beach park, swimming park, hotels and other playing center.

The Inflatable Iceberg is withstand the demands of commercial and residential use.

Please follow the easy 2 steps to book

1) Choose your preferred date

2) Click "Book Now" and follow the email instructions to secure your castle or water slide!

Inflatable Climbing Iceberg for Rental Business


Iceberg offer you and your children hours of water fun for jumping, climbing and sliding. It's a thrilling mission to climb up and slide back in to the water. Ropes, crampons and harnesses. None are required while attempting to scale the Inflatable Climbing Iceberg.his hunk of plastic—2.5m high when fully inflated—floats above the water. Slip off it and you'll have a soft, if splashy, landing.

Size: (L)4m(W)3m(H)2.5m

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