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From the manufacturer

At Asia Inflatables Factory, everything we do centers around quality, value and family time. Our affordable products are built to last, just like the memories made by the people who use them.

Asia Inflatables Factory distributes airbeds, above ground pools, aqua parks, water structure and toys, kayaks, boats and more. We’re part of a worldwide family of companies with more than 20 years of history behind us.

Our vision is to be the most recognizable, trusted and innovative company in our industry. We routinely test finished products to make sure they meet our elevated standards for quality, safety and value.

Perfect for Lake Park, Pools and Land Parks

As you know the Commercial Inflatable Pool Parks named inflatable mobile water park, which is very hot and popular recently years, many people want to do this business and be the best ones because of the characteristics of low investment cost, fast construction, high reporting, easy dis-assembly, and no restrictions on the site. The equipment composition can be freely combined according to the site conditions.

Common Inflatable Mobile Water Park Equipment include: inflatable water slides, inflatable pools, support pools, water buoys, and water flushing. The larger the venue, the richer the equipment combination and the more interesting it is.

It is a good choice for your business.

You can consider expand this field and cooperate with us, then we provide you the best & competitive price, various designs, excellent products and one-on-one after-sale service.

Inflatable water sports Field, Lake Park, Pool & Land Park Maker

Water volleyball is a team sport derived from volleyball in which the games are played in water. The sport is played in the United States, Europe and South America. There is a very similar sport called Biribol developed in Brazil. This sport may also be called "pool volleyball" or "aquapolo".

What are you Ready at The Annual Water Volleyball Competition?

Volleyball on Water is a tournament that took place on the surface of the river Venice in the heart of Venice. The volleyball court is set up on the river, but not above it – it's partially submerged.

When Trampoline Meets Water: Largest Floating Water Park OPENS in Toronto

Please Note:

As we have passed EN25649 and TUV test, you can used in EU or USA, anyway no problems. All Inflatable Water Parks and Floats come with repair kit, storage bag, air pumps and have a three year warranty, and offering TUV/CE/UL Certificate & EN14960 Certificate.

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