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Nylon ropes are the strongest variety of all the common types of rope. Their synthetic material allows them to lift extremely heavy loads.

Battling ropes also known as battle ropes or heavy ropes, which are used for fitness training to increase full body strength and conditioning.

Known as the world's strongest, lightest fiber – 15 times stronger than steel, yet floats on water – Dyneema works to stop bullets, repair human joints and improve the longevity of apparel.

What did ancient Egyptians make rope out of?

The material used most widely for the production of rope was papyrus (Cyperus papyrus) and other sedges of the Cyperus family. For large ropes, the entire stem was used, while smaller string was made of the rind of papyrus stems.

What do we usd the types of ropes now?

● Cotton Rope. (Very soft natural fibre rope)

● Jute Rope. (Soft, furry, natural fibre rope. Often used in hanicrafts)

● Leaded Polysteel Rope. (Heavy rope that sinks. Often used for pottting and commercial fishing)

● Manila Rope. (Grade 1 natural Manila rope)

● Natural Hemp Rope.

● Nylon Rope.

● Polyester Rope.

● Polyethylene Rope.

8 Stand Nylon Ropes

Manufactured from Nylon fibre, the strongest of conventional man-made fibres.

Characteristics include good strength, high extension and recovery, easy handling, coiling and knotting along with good abrasion resistance.

Ideally suited to a wide range of general and industrial applications.

Custom lengths & splicing available on request.

What is the Usages of ropes?

Anchor Packs

Certified Cargo Restraint Ropes

Climbing, Abseiling & Rescue Ropes

Dock lines,Black Polyester Nylon Core

Double Braided Polyester Yacht Ropes

Gym Climbing Ropes

Shock Cord or Bungee Cord

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