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Inflatable Roller, Water Roller Ball is very popular water games between kiddies and adults because they can walk inside it to play on water. It's suitable for beaches, pools and lakes.

They are a great choice for children who want to enjoy a summertime by hitting the outdoor sun with their family and friends. Floating water ball for adults are a great way to celebrate a summertime by hitting the water together with their family and friends.

An Inflatable Roller Ball is a giant Inflatable round ball with both normal sizes of 2m Dimeter*2.5m Long for kids and 2,2m Diameter*3m Long for adults. It is an ideal choice for families with little ones for chilling out while keeping the water in a freezing. The Inflatable Roller is widely used for playing center, amusement park, water games, holiday events, swimming pool and seashore scenic spot. The Water Roller Sports is a funny and exciting sports games, and very popular between kiddies and adults for sporting and recreation.

We can make design and produce all kinds of Water Roller Ball according to your requests.

Transpatent Water Roller Ball | Single Color Dots Water Roller Ball | Colors Dots Water Roller Ball

Half Color Water Roller Ball | Full Color Water Roller Ball | Colorful  Water Roller Ball

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