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Do the Best Water Trapoline

Looking for some fun for the whole family? Water trampolining may be the answer! As the name suggests, a water trampoline is used in an open water setting like a lake or the sea and provides a broad, flat, jumping platform for water-based fun.

Designed for outdoor use, water trampolines are made from sturdy, heavy-duty materials that can withstand exposure to the sun and salt, as well as the wear and tear of boisterous water play. Water trampolines are available in several sizes and styles and come with a range of different features.

What is a Water Trampoline?

Have frames with springs that are supported on top of a large round inflatable tube. These full trampolines offer similar performance to that of a backyard trampoline but allow the activity to take place on the water!  Takes about an hour to set up for a summer of family fun. Can be anchored to remain in place on most lakes and ponds. Add attachments to turn your trampoline into your very own water park.

How about a Water Bouncer?

You don't need to own waterfront property to enjoy hours of fun and relaxation on this portable platform. Bouncers are a fraction of the cost of water trampolines but do not perform as well.. Incredibly easy to set up with no frames to assemble or springs to stretch out. Consider taking one along on your boat or houseboat to insure that fun is available wherever fun is needed with family and friends.

What's the difference between a water bouncer and water trampoline?

So in terms of construction, the significant difference is that a water trampoline has springs and a water bouncer does not have springs. Although both products provide great fun on the water, the water trampoline provides more bounce than a bouncer and behaves more like a land-based trampoline.

Water trampolines can support more weight than water bouncers.

Are you ready to set up a inflatable water park or inflatable island for a summer of family fun?

We have a container's items for every budget and every lake.

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