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Water Rockit
Commercial 11 Foot Circular Rocker Water Rockit for up to 6 people
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    ASIA Inflatables
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    Water Rockit-1504
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    Guangzhou Port
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    1000 pcs/month
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Commercial 11 Foot Circular Rocker Water Rockit for up to 6 people

The Rockit provides endless opportunity for creative free-play and team-building. This versatile, circular water rocker comfortably fits up to six people, but can be used by as few as two. Offers a variety of stations to accommodate participants of all sizes and age groups. Work as a team, or in factions to balance, roll it and rockit! Accommodates up to eight participants.

Products Description

Item No.: Water Rockit-1504

Size: Diameter 11 Foot (3.3mx1.6mH)

Material: 0.9mm PVC Tarpaulin

Air Pump: 1 piece 700W, big power pump, CE/UL

Carry Passengers: 6 Persons

MOQ: 1 piece

Warranty: 3 years

This rockit circular water rocker is one of our newest water sports and maybe the funnest water sports.

This rockit circular water rocker will bring much fun for kids or adults, the players can climb on and enjoy rocking at the round platform, it’s really interesting when the players lose balance and try to hold the rocker firmly.

Rockit circular water rocker can be used in the lake, water parks, pools or seaside.

We can print your logo on the disco boat at a resonable cost.

We may customize the design, the size, the colour and the logo as you need.

water rocker

OEM & ODM is always Welcome!

Technical Features


Commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC material.
Ideally suited for watersports, The material is the finest, commercial grade fabric reinforced PVC available. Each ASIA Water Rockit item uses this material for maximum strength and durability. The Rockittm incorporates 1000d fabric fused with layers of 28 oz PVC.

3 Year

Limited Warranty against any and all manufacturing defects.
Each ASIA Inflatables tm item offers a warranty covering any and all manufacturing defects for an extended period of time. 

Incorporates a balance feature.
Build balance skills, spar with a friend, or create a challenge course. This balance feature adds endless excitement to your water park.

Incorporates a rocking feature.
Build teamwork and add endless excitement on this teeter totter for the water.

WARNINGAquatic Toy - This is not a life saving device. Use only under competent adult supervison. Do not leave child unattended while this toy is in use. Only to be used in water in which the child is in its depth. This toy will not prevent drowning.

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