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Designed in the shape of a ‘Y’ the Floating Y Pontoon allows you to easily park a watercraft quickly and easily in the centre of the ‘Y’. It also allows parking stations for another 2 boats or water toys on either side of the ‘Y’. It is the only inflatable floating dock model that allows access on and off a boat from the bow, and both sides of a boat. The Floating Y Pontoon is perfect for loading and unloading from watercraft such as boats, jet skis, kayaks, so that the watercraft doesn't run aground risking damage, whilst also making it easy to embark or disembark. For use with water sports, the Floating Y Pontoon can be used to launch wakeboards, kneeboards or dry-start off the ends.


Drop-Stitch Double Wall Fabric (DWF)

Hand Pump (included)

Repair Kit (included)

Carry Bag (included)

D-rings Top and Bottom

Grab Handles (both sides)

Created with D-rings top and bottom, the Floating Y Pontoon has tie-points thoughtfully placed in positions that allow connection to other Inflatable Pontoons across the range. Locking together other components to allows endless possibilities for different shaped floating docks accommodating so many situations.

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